Payment Plan

Metro Driving School Payment Plan $25 Per Week

Purchase 10 lesson package paid over (26 weeks) 6 months

Metro Driving School offer a payment plan to assist you in having driving lessons at prices you can afford $25 per week for 26 weeks (if your under 18 you will require an adult to enter the payment arrangement )

What you get for your payment plan

  1. This is 10 x 1 hour lessons with a qualified instructor in a driving school vehicle
  2. Can be taken as any combination eg(4 x 2 hour and 2 x 1 hour lessons = 10hours)
  3. Pick up from home
  4. Return to home work or close location

10 x 1 hour driving lessons, paid over 6 months

Special Conditions
No Cancellations allowed once driving lessons have commenced. However, a non refundable $12 establishment fee will be charged.
You are committing to a weekly payment of $25.00 for 6 months.
A Debitsuccess Establishment Fee of $12.00 will be collected along with your first payment.
First payment of $25 + $12 = $37 and then 25 payments of $25.